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Lesson 1/10 A Way to Sell All Resort and Hotel Products

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 Jan 6, 2021

The goal of this series is to strip out all the fluff and provide a clear, plain-English explanation of what Inntopia Commerce is from the ground up. In that spirit, the simplest way to describe Inntopia Commerce is this:

Inntopia Commerce is a way to sell all the products a hotel or resort offers.

To clarify two points we’ll talk about more later, Inntopia Commerce is designed for resort and hotel products – rooms, activities, tickets, rentals, spa visits, etc. It’s also designed to sell all of them, rather than just any one specific product.

That’s all you have to remember for now: it’s designed for resorts and hotels, it can sell all different kinds of products.

If that makes sense, you’re ready to move on:
Lesson 2 – Sell Different Types of Resort Products in One Place→

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