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Lesson 9/10 Products Created in Inntopia Don’t Have to Have a Price…and Why

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In the last installment we covered how you can create and manage products directly in Inntopia Commerce and sell them alongside products that live in other systems. But there’s something important to understand about these products:

The products you create in Inntopia Commerce don’t have to have a price.

This is a small, but important, distinction. It means that you can allow guests to reserve something or add something to an itinerary even if they don’t have to pay for it. While common for all-inclusive resorts, it’s also helpful in many other situations. For example, to spread out guest arrivals during COVID-19, hotels created “check in times” (zero dollar, time-specific products) that a guest could add to their cart during checkout.

So, yes, you can create products directly in Inntopia Commerce, but these products don’t have to be things people are required to pay for.

That’s about it for products, we’ll wrap up by answering a question about the online interface:
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