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Lesson 8/10 Create and Manage Additional Products Directly in Inntopia

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Before we jump in, let’s recap. Inntopia Commerce can help you sell resort products from multiple systems, side-by-side, either online or over the phone. But if you work for a resort, you know how many other things exist that a guest needs. So the next thing to know is this:

You can create and manage additional products directly in Inntopia Commerce.

These products can be standalone like a bike rental or lesson. Or they can be add-ons like room upgrades or early check-in. Each product can be configured with quantity settings, pricing tiers, photos, discount codes, and more. They can also be set up to be time or date specific.

No matter what products you create, these products can be sold on their own or they can be sold alongside products from your other systems.

In the next lesson, we’ll talk about an important aspect of these products:
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