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Lesson 5/10 Shoppers See Real-Time Inventory from Your Systems

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To recap, we’ve learned so far that Inntopia Commerce is a way for resorts to sell all their products online or over the phone. But which products? And where are they coming from? The next thing to remember is this:

Inntopia Commerce sells the products that exist in your PMS, POS, or other systems.

This happens in real-time. If a guest is shopping for rooms, they are seeing rooms that are currently available in your PMS. Same goes for tickets or tee-times. They would only see what’s available in your POS or tee-sheet system. And when they make a purchase, the details are saved back into that original system as if it had happened there directly.

In other words, Inntopia Commerce doesn’t replace a PMS or POS. Rather, it’s another way to sell the products that live inside each system.

But what if you have multiple systems? That’s up next:
Lesson 6 – Sell Products from Multiple Systems→

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