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Lesson 4/10 Start a Booking Online, Finish on the Phone (or Vice Versa)

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 Jan 6, 2021

So, Inntopia Commerce is a way to sell all the products a resort or hotel offers either online or over the phone. The next thing to know is this:

Carts can be passed back and forth between the online interface and phone interface within Inntopia Commerce.

Let’s say a guest starts to shop online. When they do, their cart is assigned a unique ID. If they have a question, they could pick up the phone and call your call center. An agent could then use that ID to see their itinerary, help answer their question and complete the transaction over the phone. Or, vice versa. If they’re talking to an agent but prefer to book online, the agent could send them a link that would allow them to finish their purchase from a web browser.

So, yes, Inntopia Commerce lets you sell your products online and over the phone, but those two systems work together.

Next up, what products can be sold:
Lesson 5 – Shoppers See Real-Time Inventory from Your Systems→

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