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Tips Give your Guest Experience team the tools to turn every guest into a VIP

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In our previous newsletter we discussed how your Social Media Manager could use Insight to intelligently engage with guests using Marketing Cloud data. Over the upcoming weeks we’ll be continuing in that vein by giving you some ideas on how to empower a whole host of different players across the entirety of your organization. Data is no longer just for the geeks in the marketing department – let us show you how Inntopia Marketing Cloud data can elevate the performance of every department across your organization. In this week’s installment we’ll be diving into your customer experience (CX) department…

Director of Guest Experience / Customer Service Manager + Gameboard Report & Customer Lookup

With the emergence of word of mouth marketing and the ease with which guests can now share their onsite satisfaction, resorts are now paying more attention than ever to their guest experience and recovery strategies. Giving the people and teams tasked with creating incredible guest experiences in depth data about the guests they’re hoping to delight is now more important and easier than ever.

One simple yet incredibly powerful place to begin a data based CX strategy is with the Gameboard Report. This report combines two foundational key performance indicators – Net Promoter Score (NPS) and RFM into one easy to view matrix. Now it is simple to not only see how satisfied someone was with their experience, but also quickly determine how valuable each of those specific survey respondents are to your resort. By combining these two concepts it is entirely possible to craft a finely tuned follow up and recovery strategy using just one report.

This Report is Found Under “Reports -> General -> Net Promoter vs RFM Score”

This Gameboard can be carved up into quadrants or even color coding zones to be able to define specific tactics for follow-up and recovery. Two common examples of this can be found below.

Red Zone: High Risk
In the red zone below, these guests are your highest valued guests (High RFM) and yet they also had a negative guest experience (low NPS). As you can imagine, the manner and urgency with which these guests are handled is paramount…a simple we’re sorry you didn’t have a good time message is not enough. Instead, this is a great opportunity to flip the script and have a General Manager reach out directly to the guest with a personal message and a promise to call in the coming days. This simple acknowledgement is often enough to completely turn customer sentiment from negative to positive.

Green Zone: High Opportunity
On the other side of the spectrum is the green zone shown below. This area is highly valued guests (high RFM) who also had a positive experience (high NPS).

These people are ripe for additional outreach and should be capitalized on – request they submit reviews to review sites, include them in influencer campaign. These are your brand advocates…nurture them and make the most of their engagement.

Just the Beginning

As you can imagine, the gameboard can be carved up into an infinite amount of variations based on the amount of time and resources available to your team.

Want to take it to the next level? Combine the Gameboard with Guest Lookup and be armed with highly detailed guest info for person to person guest service outreach. With a fully responsive and easy to use design, your team can access data on the go with their mobile.

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