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YieldView is the Ideal Platform for Selling Lift Tickets in 2020

For a lot of years in a lot of ways, we’ve been saying the same thing:

“Inntopia Commerce is a really, really flexible platform.”

The resorts familiar with the platform know how true this is and in this year, with all its ups and downs and twists and turns, that flexibility has shown itself over and over again.

For example, when Goggles for Docs needed a way to connect skiers with hospitals that needed PPE, Inntopia was able to tweak a Commerce store overnight to do just that.
goggles for docs donation platform screenshot

Mountain Collective needed to quickly migrate to a new ecommerce system that could not only handle their transaction volume but run their website and call center, too. In a matter of days, we got them up and running.

screenshot of mountain collective e-commerce store

Or, when we wanted to raise donations for local charities right from our website? A few tweaks later, Donate Link was live.
screenshot of donation capture form

This is true of Inntopia’s entire platform. But, it’s especially true of YieldView.


YieldView is a powerful, calendar-based interface for selling any sort of date-specific product such as lift tickets, attraction tickets, tee-times, and more. It’s also designed to easily display and offer multiple product types so a guest can find exactly what they need.

screenshot of yieldview calendar interface

But, the most important aspect – which is especially relevant today – is that YieldView is extremely flexible and easy to adapt to unique situations.

Do you need to have your passholders reserve a spot on the mountain?
Yep, YieldView can do that.

Do you need to have skiers reserve a time slot to arrive, not just a day to ski?
Yep, we can do that.

Do you need to set up a lottery system?
Yep, we can do that too.

Need to send automated emails and confirmations for each guest?
Done and done.

And, when you add in that:

  • Our integrations with RTP and Siriusware are authorized and approved,
  • You get paid immediately when someone transacts,
  • We’re not just PCI compliant but ISO 27001 certified, and
  • Our servers can handle virtually any load you can throw at them,

you start to realize that in a year with potential lotteries, capacity constraints, and the need for watertight communications around every skier day…well…Inntopia YieldView is tough to beat.

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