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News Wish You Could Work Like an Inntopia Dog?

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Did you know that August 5th was ‘National Work Like a Dog’ day? While it is really a day to honor people who work very hard, it got us thinking about what it would be like to actually work like one of OUR dogs. Meet some of our hard-working (or should we say hardly working) dogs.

Sage Wagner

Chief Security Officer, Burlington

When I arrive each morning, I’m on high alert: bags and people need to be checked, food assessed, “goings on” investigated. I spend my morning getting used to the office since the last time I was here (you know…yesterday). I double check the room setups, let everyone know I’m here, and then lie in wait of the next opportunity when I may be needed. I make the rounds every hour or so to impress my presence.  After lunch, I’m at an alert level of “yellow” given that most of the comings and goings have come and gone already. This gives me the opportunity for a nap, to plan out tomorrow’s activities, and ponder the question: Are there really endless treats here or are they just well stocked?

Sigurd Braceras-Hamdy

QA Barkitecht-in-Training, Burlington

I’m not in my full role yet; I’m still in training. Once I’m off probation, my chief priorities will include testing the durability of Inntopia’s walls, floors, and any item that is not nailed down. This is vital to ensure the structural integrity of the office and the hardware that sustains its systems. As part of my training, I’m really digging in and getting my paws dirty, especially when it comes to hunting bugs! Unfortunately, these bugs are literal and I haven’t yet been able to teach myself the difference between software bugs and yard beetles.

Pearl Glenn

Chief Security Officer, Stowe

I have run the Canine Security Detail at the Stowe office for the last 4 years. I patrol the interior and exterior of the building and my attention to detail has kept the property clear of any unwanted squirrels, birds, and groundhogs that come onto my property. I immediately and personally remove them myself. There are many new recruits (puppies) attending my boot camp, being trained as additional security in case of an emergency. Any unexpected visitors best bring a good bribe, or they will be treated as hostile and dealt with accordingly.

On a separate note, the Fed-Ex delivery guy named Josh is six feet tall, about 190 pounds, and has been missing for about…four years. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Skye Karandy

Unpaid Intern, Burlington

As the most junior member of the team, I am responsible for picking up coffee orders, organizing office supplies, and retrieving items from the fridge.  While my manager has not yet capitalized on my MacGyver-like skills (such as the ability to magically unlock myself from my crate and use any old object as a retrieval tool), my full potential will be known very soon.

Maggie LaFountaine

Sr. W.O.O.F Coordinator, Stowe

As the Sr. W.O.O.F. (Welcome to Our Office Family) Coordinator, I have been loyal to Inntopia since 2007. I manage the interns (puppies) as they join our team, teaching them how to really dig into their jobs. I walk them through their workday and teach them when to speak (without hounding), when to unleash their enthusiasm, and when to take a step back and paw-se. I help them fetch what they need and show them where to go when they have a bone to pick. My last employment review stated: “Maggie is so doggone good at her job. This old dog has just the right way of teaching the new dogs a few tricks!”  Enough said.

Rocky Kushubar

Lead Sales Chaser, Stowe

Responding to sales leads cannot be delayed. Weighing in at less than ten pounds, I am the tiniest member of the team. But, don’t let that fool you – my personality is bigger than the rest. I help the sales team chase down leads by showing everyone how fast I can chase anything you throw for me; there’s no rest for the wicked fast here at Inntopia. I do come with a few rules though: don’t feed me after midnight or get me wet.  Gremlins might not be real but I will turn into a Tasmanian devil!

Mulligan Mumley

Security Officer, Tyler Mumley Detail, Stowe

I joined Inntopia’s Security Team as Officer assigned to the Tyler Mumley detail. I take my job very seriously – I can always be found at Tyler’s heels. Following Tyler is no easy task since he is always on the move, shaking hands and kissing babies. Sales calls give me a bit of a break so I can relax on my bed while Tyler is on the phone. Bathroom breaks on the other hand can be frightening. With the door closed and access denied, I must keep watch, wait patiently, and hope for the best.  So far, my patience has paid off. Tyler has returned safely every time!

Bear Trail

Chief Compliance Pawficer, Stowe

During my Paw Patrol shift, I am often found sleeping under my coworkers’ chairs or feet, ensuring they stay at their desk working, only allowing for petting breaks. I enjoy my lunch breaks swimming in the river behind the office, and then spending much of the afternoon doing “paperwork” (that’s code for sleeping). When attending meetings, I am always on-point with input.

In my free time, I enjoy swimming and hiking.  I am now a member of the New Hampshire 4000-footer club, having summited all of NH’s 48 tallest peaks in 2016.

Zuma Crist

VP (Vice Pooch) of Employee Engagement, Stowe

As the youngest employee of Inntopia, my job is to make sure everyone is loving their workplace! I’m really good at making sure everyone takes their coffee breaks to watch me in center ring at the Stowe office. I’m still really clumsy so it’s always fun to watch me tumble about in my own version of the Puppy Bowl. Pearl is my best friend but now that I am bigger than her, she’s not so keen on our wrestling matches. I’m super well trained (and will happily show off my tricks) but I’m in the zone when I get to cruise the office for trash that missed the trash cans. Since I am the VP of Employee Engagement, I’m not happy when I have to be behind closed doors on a conference call, cut off from the rest of the team.

Peanut Buyer

SVP (Senior Vice Princess), Stowe

Though my name is Peanut, feel free to call me Princess; it’s the name I prefer.  I will be transitioning to Stowe along with Trish Buyer later this month. I expect it will be easy to adapt to my new surroundings as I already have many obedient and loyal fans in the Stowe office. Regal preparations are underway in light of my imminent arrival. There is talk there may soon be a movie made about my life based on the famous book, The Princess and the Pea(nut). My new and impending fame will no doubt bring additional challenges to the workplace. It is my understanding that plans are already in the works for my new security detail should this come to fruition.  (Mulligan is being considered for the position.)


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