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Customer Stories How Whitefish Used Inntopia Commerce to Grow Online Bookings by 248%

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At Whitefish Mountain Resort, we use V12 for property management, and it is excellent at helping us be great property managers. But we knew that in order to grow revenue, we needed to grow online sales. And that’s where Inntopia came in.

The reason we chose Inntopia is because packages are our bread and butter, and Inntopia Commerce was the only product that could really handle packages and specials the way we needed it to.

Just using Inntopia to enable online booking for some of our annual lift and lodging promotions has been a big win. Whether they follow through and book online or not, having that “book now” button that allows them to explore inventory and visualize the vacation seems to have made a big impact for us.

We have an in-house marketing team. We run our own website, and do our own design, and it was a big deal to find a solution that would give us responsive, effective online booking without forcing us to give up any control of our site.

The last thing we wanted was to have to work with somebody off-site to make a quick change.

We’ve been using Inntopia Commerce for 13 months, and we’ve seen our online bookings go through the roof—up 248% for summer vs. the previous year, and 196% for winter.

V12 is quite limited in online functionality so we started with some fairly terrible online booking numbers, but those are some huge results for the first year using a new product. And what’s even better is that some of that growth has come from guests that are booking on our own website instead of through Expedia or other OTAs.

It’s ultimately about having a book now button on our webpage. It’s having a widget above the fold, having the checkout flow just work. It’s simple, and it’s easy, and people are booking.

Jason Forrest
Sales Manager, Whitefish Mountain Resort

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