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Favorite Things
No matter where your guests start, Inntopia is there.
Favorite Things

A few years ago I was sitting in a conference session when a friendly, but passionate, debate began.

In one corner you had a lift ticket person who was adamant that skiers started the booking process by shopping for lift tickets. A woman who worked in lodging chimed in from the back of the room, “that’s not my what my data show.” Various attendees grunted their agreement to both sides.

Relaying this story to a coworker, they said, “I always start with flights.” And whether you’re in golf or attractions or whatever, the story is more or less the same.

Who is right? The answer, of course, is all of them.

Not Either/Or

Where guests like to start their booking process is not an either/or. It’s what a friend of mine describes as a “yes, and…”

“Yes, people start their bookings with tee-times. And some will start with lodging. And some will start with tickets. And…”

What I love about Inntopia Commerce is that when all of these products live in the same store on the same shelf, you don’t have to pick one or the other.

A guest can:

  • Start shopping for rooms and then add tickets and activities
  • Or start shopping for tickets and then add rooms and more activities
  • Or start shopping for activities and then add tickets

That list it limitless because the ways people like to book their vacation are limitless.

Yes, and…

Like heading to Whole Foods for milk and leaving with cookies or going for cookies and leaving with milk, no matter where the guest wants to start, Inntopia Commerce can help.

They can easily book both what they were initially looking for AND some of the things they may not have been.

It’s an experience that’s better for the guest and better for your business.

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