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What if your golf resort’s Twitter account never said a word?
FairwayFillers Golf

I follow a lot of golf resorts on the FairwayFillers twitter account. Close to 400, in fact.

The rest are golf resort marketers.

So when I see a tweet from a name I don’t recognize or the wording sounds a little strange for a marketer to use about the resort they work for…

…it’s pretty safe to assume it’s something a resort has retweeted.

Tipping Point
Follow enough golf resorts and you’ll realize that retweets of guests’ content is a fairly common thing. And the commonness is directly proportional to the quality of the resort.

A great experience leads to an increased chance that guest will say some nice words about you. And those words? They come in a positive, strong, and extremely authentic voice.

And, one step further, if you have enough of it, you’ll often find that it covers all the selling points of your resort anyway. Which begs a really intriguing question:

Could you ever hit the point as a resort that you’d see enough, diverse content from your guests (or media coverage, partners, etc.) that you could cover all the bases in your social strategy simply by resharing their content and never have to say a single word?

An interesting idea, no?

The Spark
Truth be told, I got this idea from perusing that Twitter feed of mine and noticing something really interesting. I had seen Terranea’s name show up in my feed a lot one day, but I hadn’t seen anything directly tweeted by them.

So I started to count how many tweets in a row they’d shared that were originally shared by accounts other than theirs.

The answer? Six.

And a nice mix, don’t you think? A few arriving guests, a vendor, a musician.

Someone talking about our strong suits is always going to be more trusted than when we talk about ourselves.

Terranea was able to get a string of six together, how much further could they have gone?

There will probably always be the need for sharing your own content, but when your guests are sharing stronger messages about the experiences you sell than you could do on your own, maybe you should let them do more of the talking like Terranea did.

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