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News Want to quickly create beautiful campaigns without code? Use our email builder.

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 Feb 16, 2021

So you’re a marketer – and a good one at that – but your impressive resume doesn’t include email coding? You’re not alone. Writing HTML and CSS for emails is a very unique skill. And it’s one that typically stands between a marketer like yourself and a nice spike in revenue from sending a beautifully crafted email.

But if you’ve ever struggled to edit an email template or just want a faster, easier way to get the job done, I’d like to introduce you to our easy-to-use email builder.

Drag and Drop

The first thing to know is that it’s 100% drag-and-drop which means it’s perfect for any level email marketer, from advanced email gurus to total beginners.

Creative Freedom

Next, keep in mind this is an email builder, not just an editor. You’re no longer stuck editing static master templates, you really do have the freedom to be creative and progressive as you create emails from scratch.

Not Just Text + Images

Speaking of progressive, the builder has advanced template features built in like:

  • Custom menus
  • Image editing
  • Animated gifs
  • Stickers
  • Videos
  • A stock photo library
  • Custom buttons
  • Backgrounds

You also get access to a huge template library.

Asset Management

The ability to work with all sorts of assets brings up another important point: it’s not just a template builder, it has great template/asset management tool as well to keep all your resources organized and accessible to your team.

Easy to Start

We understand the dynamics of your team, so there’s no huge commitment required to get started, it’s extremely affordable, and onboarding is super quick. We can add it to your bill or cancel anytime.

Want to take a closer look?

Contact your account manager and or reach out via our contact form and we’ll show you around.

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