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Customer Stories How Tourism Whistler Leverages Inntopia Commerce API to Customize Their Booking Funnel

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At Tourism Whistler, we know that booking a vacation online can be daunting, so we are always looking for ways to make the process as easy and intuitive as possible.

Inntopia’s activity booking system is useful out of the box, but we’ve been able to unleash even more power by combining it with our own custom booking funnel and web interface.

Using Inntopia’s XML API, we were able to create a customized front-end that provides users with a seamless transition from our website into the booking funnel. Simply put, the guest travels through the process, from our visually engaging and informative website, through to the reservations process, without any interruptions.

Our customized booking funnel (we call it InnCart) not only allows us to design the user interface, but also gives us the ability to experiment and perform A/B tests with different display options using Google Analytics and Optimize.

In addition to creating a unique and effective user interface, InnCart allows us to:

  • Control how we display packages
  • Interface with Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce, which provides great reporting and dashboards and allows us to analyze conversion rates for various segments
  • Customize search results based on which landing page a user enters the funnel through
  • Display prices in multiple currencies
  • Create customized funnels for our Event partners (e.g., Cornucopia and the Whistler Film Festival)

We’ve been using Inntopia’s API to power InnCart since 2012. We saw a 50% increase in conversion in the 6 months immediately following our launch.

We are now on version 4 of the user interface and continue to iterate the design to improve conversion rates.

Tim Bonnell
Senior Manager, Web Development and I.T. – Tourism Whistler

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