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Trends The top 10 marketing insights of 2016.

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Every January we summarize the year’s best Tuesday Trends insights with a Top 10 list (here’s 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015). This year, however, we’re doing it a little early (you’ll find out why next week) but staying true to the format of ranking these articles by the open rate of the email alerts we send each time we publish.

So which of our nearly 50 posts were most popular in 2016? Take a look.

1) Social media posting drops 12-20% in 2015 across all major sites.
One of the metrics we’ve updated semi-regularly over the years is YOY social posting frequency. At the intersection of adoption…
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2) How dead is Google+? Hotel and resort profile data tell the story.
Google+ has become the punch line of many marketing jokes. References to life support and ghost towns are not uncommon as the…
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3) Do women open resort marketing emails more frequently than men?
We’ve looked at gender a few times in regard to mountain resort marketing, but we’ve never looked at gender in the context…
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4) Most punctuation marks have no influence on open rates, except one…sorta.
Punctuation marks. Sometimes we get excited and use multiples, other times we make it a question. But overall, when looking across …
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5) How many skiers book a return trip to the same resort in the summer?
Seasonal crossover is a big question in the ski industry, and rightly so. With a loyal, engaged group that tends to create traditions…
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6) Only 1/3 of resort websites were responsive in 2014, but what about now?
Websites designed to work seamlessly across various devices of various sizes has been a hot topic, but late in 2014 we found that …
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7) The one content type that’s slowly dominating hospitality marketing on Facebook.
We’ve shared a handful of macro-level insights into how resorts and hotels use social media, but an interesting angle came up after…
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8) Millennials and Email: Hospitality-specific data yields intriguing results.
Many marketers have claimed that Millennials don’t use email. They’re on Snapchat, they’re on Facebook, but not in their…
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9) A small subject line tweak that worked in 2012 no longer makes a difference.
Back in 2012 we did an extremely simple, but intriguing, analysis. Simply put, does putting the name of…
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10) How many hotels have jumped on the Pokemon GO bandwagon?
In a matter of days Pokemon GO has gone from zero to marketing hero for many small businesses eager to capitalize on the crowds…
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