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Three reasons resorts and hotels are choosing Inntopia in 2020.

Over the years, the main problems we solve for our customers remain largely the same. Commerce lets folks sell all their products in one transaction. Marketing Cloud helps centralize data for smarter marketing. DestiMetrics gives destinations an unprecedented view of performance.

But the reasons why people choose us? Or why they choose us over alternatives? Those tend to fluctuate year to year. This year? There are three key reasons we’re signing new clients regularly, despite the challenges of COVID.

One-Cart + Lodging

While the experience of the guest is still a top priority, added to that is a need for revenue. Attractions are selling lodging partners’ rooms, hotels are selling activity partners’ tickets, and everyone is winning. One new client I spoke to recently put it pretty simply: lodging is a really important to their needs as a resort and they can’t afford to keep those products and ecommerce stores siloed.

Commerce + Marketing Cloud Alignment

There are a couple things I’m seeing here. The first is people are recognizing that without alignment and close integration between their marketing CRM and ecommerce store, they are limited in what they can do. But there’s a deeper alignment being recognized as well. When the products are going the same direction and when support teams understand both systems, they can build promotions and marketing around them in ways they never could before. The innovation coming from Marketing Cloud + Commerce clients is turning heads.

Problem Solving

This might be the biggest thing I’ve noticed in recent months. COVID-19 has changed so much on both a global scale as well as within individual resort teams. We talk a lot about how flexible our platforms and teams are, and that’s finally clicking for a lot of people. Not because we’re saying it more, but because unique, COVID-related challenges are allowing us to prove it over and over again.

Whether it’s custom pass payment scheduling, urgent ecommerce and call center migration, packages that can be redeemed once resorts re-open, lodging arrival time booking, lottery systems for tickets, or a half dozen other projects happening right now, resorts are coming to us asking for help.

And time and time again, we’re solving their problems.

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