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The one room amenity that shows just how much Loge gets it.

It’s only been a dozen years since I last set foot in a classroom as a budding “marketing major” ready to take on the world.

At the time, students who spent time outdoors on the quad or other green areas on campus would just plop down under a tree on the grass, pull out their textbook, and get a little study + nature combo.

Not Anymore
But in a recent visit to my alma mater (Utah State) and another campus during some recent travels (Ohio State), I noticed that lounging on the grass has been replaced by lounging in hammocks.

And it’s not just those two campuses.

I guess I haven’t seen the light on these simple, lightweight bits of portable furniture, but whether it’s a fad or a long-term trend, hammocks are absolutely a thing for that college-ish demographic.

Enter, Loge
Loge, as a brand, is awesome. There is some much I love about their message and model. And Loge is absolutely trying to get that college-age demographic to spent a night or five at their properties.

But in the context of this post, there’s one they’re doing that I love more than most. And it doesn’t take more than a couple photos on any one of their websites to see why.

Source: Loge – Bend, OR

Forget the never-used desk and not-quite-enough-room-for-it couch. What their demographic loves and wants is hammocks.

So, they gave them one.

With different owners, these Loge hotel rooms could look just like any others. The linens, the furnishings, the drapes could all be, more or less, the same thing you might see in a hotel in Chicago or Seattle.

But instead of trying to fit a unique demographic into an existing product, Loge was willing to tweak their product to match the specific audience they’re trying to convert into guests. For that, I tip my hat to them.

Not every hotel should just toss a hammock into each room like Loge, but they should pay attention to why Loge did so in the first place.

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