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 Oct 25, 2022

As Inntopia has grown, so has the need to support more and more product types. In the beginning that primarily meant the various ways lodging is sold, but as our client list grew so did the need to support a long list of product types like golf, ski, spa, groups packages, and more.

In the last year we’ve been working hard on this need from two key angles: features and integrations.

New Features

Inntopia Commerce already allows you to sell products from your own systems or partners systems using dozens of product and pricing settings. These combinations of tools cover a huge number of use cases, but every once in a while we run into new, unique situations.

For Example
We recently had a request for the ability to sell shared inventory across a variety of product tiers. And, one step further, sell shared inventory across a variety of overlapping time slots. So, we built new Inventory Pool and Time-Based Inventory Pool features.

New & Improved Integrations

But even with the best features, the ideal situation is not for these products to live in the Inntopia system (though you can do that), but rather in your original systems with Inntopia being the real-time link between your PMS, POS, etc., the Inntopia eCommerce system or call center, and the businesses rules that may need to sit between those two layers. So we’re constantly researching and evaluating new integrations to build or what we can do to improve the 70+ integrations we already support.

For Example
In just the last year across Inntopia Commerce and Inntopia Marketing Cloud, we’ve rolled out or enhanced more than 15 integrations:

  • Agilysys Stays
  • Agilysys Golf
  • Aspenware Arrive
  • Checkfront
  • Escapia
  • FareHarbor
  • Infor
  • Mobiniti
  • Navis
  • OneSignal/WearLynx
  • Opera
  • Open Table
  • Roy Morgan Helix
  • Salesforce
  • Singenuity
  • Simphony
  • Streamline VRS
  • V1

With a few more in the works we’ll be talking about soon.


Want a closer look at how Inntopia Commerce can help you sell everything your guests need in once place? Get in touch and we’ll show you around.

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