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Tips How do you inspire skiers to come in summer? With videos like these.

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 Jun 10, 2020

Right now ski resorts across across the country are trying to juggle a bunch of priorities. But one of them is getting folks to pay them a visit this summer.

While there are some aspects of those marketing messages that will absolutely be unique to COVID concerns, there is one aspect that won’t be changing: the mountain and activity that would inspire folks to consider a visit in the first place.

So we gathered some of the best paid and organic videos from summer 2019 to give you a starting point in 2020.

Paid Promotion & TV Spots

Burke: Outside is Our Best Side
Views: 321,000
A simple collection of classic shots punctuated by a simple, voice-over tagline.

Blue Mountain: 15 Seconds, 13 Attractions
Views: 120,000
How do you showcase all your attractions in a tiny spot? You cleverly make the length of that list the message.

Camelback: One Ride
Views: 97,000
Awesome tour through the resort with really clever transitions between arrival, activities, and more.

Jay Peak: Start Some Adventure
Views: 80,000
Lovely collection of b-roll with a clever integration of the music to one of their featured activities, plus a nice CTA at the end.

Snow King: Adventure Starts at Snow King
Views: 12,000
Great collection of activities nearby sprinkled with bits of story, edited with a perfect slow pace and vibe.


Grouse: Kids Treetop Canopy Adventure
Views: 2,400
A nice feature on a single activity (and one that definitely catches the eye of parents like me).

Heavenly: Epic Discovery Tour
Views: 2,400
Beautiful vistas, all their activities, and a little bit of music make for a great little spot.

Arizona Snowbowl: Welcome to Summer
Views: 2,300
Love the personal intro from a leader at the resort. Combined with some nice footage, Snowbowl has a solid message here.

Telluride: Summer Bike Park Promo
Views: 2,200
A bit more story to this one and I dig it. A little behind the scenes and a little trail overview make for a lot of reasons to come.

Revelstoke: The Pipe is Open
Views: 1,900
When you have an attraction like The Pipe, all you need to do is tell folks that you’re open and remind them of how awesome it is.

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