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A hat tip to Stonewall’s use of the wide view.
FairwayFillers Golf

Of all the marketing angles of a resort or destination, there’s one I’ve always found myself drawn to as a consumer and traveler.

It’s not a night-lit hotel facade or smiling families playing together or a macro shot of a delicious meal, it’s something that implies and connects all of those dots together.

Because I love the wide shot.

The Question
Whenever I research a destination I always have the same question:

“Okay, I know you have a hotel and golf and a lake, but where exactly are these in relation to each other?”

Maybe it’s because I’ve been burned by a hotel supposedly “across the street” from some key selling point only to find “a half mile north” would have been a better description, but even before such moments I’ve found it a powerful way to sell the whole of an experience.

Which is exactly why I loved this email from Stonewall Resort.

A wide angle that ties the lake, the hotel, the course, and even parking (an often overlooked feature when it’s close to everything) in one visual that supports claims and gives you a mental picture to latch onto, entertain, and anticipate.

And the video they linked to?

Notice the second shot that sets up the rest? Awesome.

What Stonewall does wonderfully well through both that video and other visuals on their site, is support that wide angle with all of those other close-up shots I mentioned at the beginning.

Pictures of the pool, the lake, the trails, and more.

A simple visual strategy, but one I’ve always found a very effective tactic toward my personal decisions and behavior.

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