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Social media is supposed to be social, and the USGA gets it.

It’s funny how in a world of influencers and broadcasts and likes, that none of these things actually represent the name of the medium they’re known for.

Social media’s true power is…well…being social. It’s about communicating, not just clicking.

Sometimes the ability to interact with anyone, anywhere is lost in the hustle to get messages out the door and hit KPIs, but a tactic recently employed by the USGA is a great reminder about how simple it can be.

Just, ask…
It’s easy to overthink how to start some good social interaction, but it starts online just as easily as it does offline; with a question.

In this case, a question about fall golf.

It takes an active audience to work, but assuming your follower list is full of people who care about your brand and not just a bunch of bots, the result can be both a conversation as well as a list of things that remind people now is a great time to participate in a sport they love.

A nice combination of humor, fun, and reminiscing about great rounds and long drives during these shorter days of the year.

Not Just Social
So, yeah, you should try to make your social account more social, but it’s not just on Twitter and Instagram that this could work.

Why not ask people to hit reply on your next email campaign and share their favorite fall memories? And then do a follow up campaign with your favorites? Instead of email being a broadcast, it could also be more of a conversation.

Whatever approach you take, conversations build relationships. And relationships are the foundation of a great brand.

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