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Snow vs Foliage: which takes the win for fall ski resort engagement?

The last month has been a gold mine for ski resort content. Fall leaves arrived and peaked with some of the best colors in years at some resorts. At the same time, the first snow dusted mountain tops and snowguns were tested in preparation for the upcoming ski season. But which earned the most engagement? Let’s take a look.

The Goods
To find our answer we analyzed over 6,000 Facebook posts shared between early September and the middle of October. We grouped these posts by post type (video, photo, and story/text) and then created a series of criteria to tease out which posts were about snow or foliage. We then compared each of these groups to the average of all other posts shared during that stretch.


In each case posts about snow took the win over foliage. Snow received 17x as much engagement for videos, 2.5x as much engagement for photos, and 2.7x as much engagement for regular posts. Foliage, on the other hand, only beat the average for photos.

What This Means
Just as you might expect for winter destinations, snow was the clear winner. But what surprised us the most was the massive gaps between snow and foliage. When you remove post types and look at all posts as a whole, snow-related content earned nearly 5x as much engagement as those about fall leaves.

But what surprised us more is that foliage, even at it’s absolute peak, couldn’t beat the average for posts that didn’t mention snow or leaves. Is foliage exciting for some? Absolutely. But does it hold a candle to snow? No. It barely keeps up with other posts resorts are sharing this time of year.

Next Week: Another Insight
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