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A Practical Pre-Season Checklist for Ski Resort Marketers
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With exception of a few lucky resorts who paid off Mother Nature, winter is almost here. Which means we’re busy making sure our ski resort clients have what they need for a successful 2018/19 winter season.

To help everyone make sure you’ve got the bases covered, the Marketing Cloud team has put together a quick pre-season checklist. Take a peek, double check your own campaigns, and be sure to reach out to your account manage with any questions or needs.

Automated Messages

These can be an easy one to miss. Be sure that all of your automated emails are up-to-date and ready to go. It’s not uncommon to find a recurring email with copy from the prior season. If you haven’t yet, double check each of your active automated emails and ask:

  1. Is the copy current for the 2018/19 winter season?
  2. Have you provided up-to-date product details to your account manager so that we can ensure the right message is reaching the right person?
  3. Is anything missing? Work with your account manager to audit your automated campaigns and make sure you’re connecting with your customers, no matter which stage they’re in on the customer life-cycle journey.

Snow Reports

A snow report that doesn’t send correctly is sure to create a fire drill on opening day. We want you to be able to enjoy the celebration and not fret over why the campaign didn’t send. Testing your snow report (both your test and live versions) can save you a lot of headache on opening day. Connect with your account manger to be sure everything is setup and ready to go.

Welcome Letters

Don’t forget about your welcome letters! Are they on and do they speak “winter”? These are great opportunities to convert prospects and engage with recent customers who have just been added to your database for the first time.


In line with automated messages, review your 2018/19 winter surveys to be sure they’re up-to-date and running. If you haven’t already, ask your account manager about some of the great survey reports we can automate for you.

That’s It

Wish you could keep scrolling for days? Sorry to disappoint.

There are certainly other things to double check, but these four items are the easiest to overlook. Take a few minutes to review them now and save yourself hours of headaches once the season is underway.

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