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News We’re excited to welcome SAM’s Editor, Dave Meeker, as our keynote speaker at Insight365.

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 Jun 13, 2023

We’re at a very unique time for print in destination travel. On the one hand, huge magazine labels have all but disappeared. On the other, indie brands like Mountain Gazette are thriving. Many marketers I spoke with recently about direct mail have ramped down spending on this form of print, yet those same marketers admitted that their resort magazine or anniversary book flew off the shelves. And, conversely, 25% of resorts have increased direct mail budgets.

One of the most interesting case studies that sits at the intersection of many of these trends is Beardsley Publishing, the company behind Ski Area Management (SAM) and Adventure Park Insider (API) magazines. They’re not only surviving, they’re flourishing.

This trend has come up frequently over the last few months, so we’re excited to announce that Dave Meeker, Beardsley’s Editor and a former resort marketing director, will join us at Insight365 this fall for a one-hour keynote interview about all things print. We’ll dig deep into this trend and what it means for resorts, including:

  • How do they balance the ease/cost of digital with the value of print?
  • Why have they been able to grow when other brands are struggling?
  • Where are print and digital in tension and where are they complementary?
  • What can resorts learn about investing in print from SAM’s success?
  • How do consumers feel about consuming print versus digital?
  • How can resorts lean into the tangible, staying power of print?
  • Where has print evolved recently and how will it continue to evolve in the coming years?

We’re excited to have Dave join us and dig into this fascinating, evolving trend that plays into the strategies of resorts across the country who are trying to balance the power of print they’ve experienced in the past with the digital strategies they’re leaning into today.

This session will be during Day 1 (Sep 13) of our user group this fall. Full details and the current agenda can be found on the Insight365 page:

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