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Customer Stories How Roaring Springs Used Inntopia Marketing Cloud to Grow Their Email List by 400%

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Words below by Roaring Springs’ Sales & Marketing Director, Tiffany Quilici.

I struggled for twelve years to grow the Roaring Springs email database. I wasn’t collecting new emails quickly enough to outpace the bounces and unsubscribes.

I was manually running reports in Siriusware to get lists—birthdays this month, people who were here a year ago, that kind of thing. And then I was using iContact to create newsletters and send them out. It was a ton of work, and it just wasn’t paying off like I knew it could.

Then, four years ago at the World Waterpark Association conference I heard someone from the Inntopia Marketing Cloud team (then Ryan Solutions) speak. I was impressed, but it was a big investment. I had done extensive surveys of my customers, and I knew that email was by far their preferred way to hear from us—it ranked much higher than other places you might spend significant money like Radio, TV, and web ads. So we pulled the trigger.

We looked at lots of platforms, and almost nobody had a good relationship and effective integration with Siriusware like Inntopia does. That connection lets us send lots of very effective automated campaigns, and the database stays up to date.

We collect email addresses at the ticket booth, and that has been very effective. We offer a $1 off token in exchange, and seems to motivate customers to give us that piece of information. It’s a small amount of money, but it shows them we are willing to trade them something of value for their data, and they appreciate it.

We also send out automated satisfaction surveys the day after a visit, and those have been very powerful. We have an NPS score that is constantly being refreshed, and the responses give us ideas on ways to improve our service and facilities.

I tried for twelve years to grow my database, and it seemed to hover around 15,000 forever. Now in year four with Inntopia Marketing Cloud, I’m at 60,000 and growing, and getting incredible ROI. Patrick, my account manager, has been amazing at helping me continue to get more out of the platform. It is big investment, but it is so worth it

Tiffany Quilici
Sales & Marketing Director, Roaring Springs Waterpark, Wahooz Family Fun Zone & Pinz Bowling Center

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