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New Feature: RMS Product History

When you log in to Inntopia RMS, you’ll find a new feature on the Products page: Show Edit History. This enhancement was requested by our partners and we’re pleased to include it in our most recent deployment. Let’s look at how this feature will help you save time while managing products.

New Indicators

To help you find the last product you viewed or modified during a user session, new visual cues have been added to the Products page.

When you simply view a product (without making changes), the product name is highlighted in orange.  When you modify and save a product, a pencil icon is displayed to the right of the product name.

In some instances, both indicators may simultaneously apply to the same product.

These indicators are only displayed during your current user session. If you log out and then log in again, they will not be visible.

Edit History

As of February 6, 2019, Inntopia RMS now records the date, time, and user of a product’s most recent edit. When you click the Show Edit History check box, the Last Edited and Edited By columns appear showing the date and time from the computer of the user that made each product’s last modification.

The Last Edited and Edited By columns are updated when the page is refreshed; the information is not immediately displayed upon making a modification.

You can sort the columns to view all changes that you’ve made, or all changes made on a particular date.

Edit history only appears for products modified after February 6, 2019.

For more information, see the full documentation in Wikitopia.

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