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Resort Email Marketing

Resort email marketing is a lot like normal email marketing, but let’s start at the basics so we’re on the same page.

In fact, let’s start with just the word marketing.

Marketing, it perhaps it’s simplest form, is creating a message design to help sell a product and then using various distribution methods to get it in front of people who would be likely to buy.

On both counts – the message and the distribution – email excels.

Three Strong Points
Email is extremely effective for resorts because of three concepts:

  1. Email is 1-to-1: every recipient can get a unique message.
  2. Email is Data-Driven: data can be tied (and applied) to individuals.
  3. Email is Preferred: consumers prefer to get marketing via email.

But even more, all of this can be automated. So a resort can “set and forget” campaigns that will automatically drive revenue every day of the year.

Common Campaigns
Some of these campaigns include:

  • Pre-Arrivals: delivered right before a guest arrives containing information to help them have a great trip.
  • Post-Departure: delivered soon after a guest departs to gather valuable feedback.
  • Segmented Offers: deals for loyal families from California sent only to loyal families from California
  • Booking Reminder: guests tend to book the same time every year, use their last booking date to time offers to when they’re most likely to be planning.
  • Extend Your Stay: sent during their visit with an attractive deal allowing them to stay long.

Or if you want to get a few more details on the possibilities:
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