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Q: What types of emails are guests most likely to open over and over again?

Some emails are useful only for the few seconds we read them. Others we mentally highlight and return to again and again. The idea may impact the strategy behind each, so which is which? And can we quantify this behavior based on the type of message? That’s what we wondered. Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer looked at five email campaign types – newsletter, pre-arrival, in-resort, post-departure, weather report – sent to over 250,000,000 recipients across 50,000 campaigns. We then divided total opens of each message by unique opens to find the average number of times each opener opened a message.


Newsletters saw the fewest opens per opener at 1.5 while pre-arrivals saw the highest at 3.5. Between those points were in-resort (2.5), post-departure (2.1), and weather or snow reports (1.9).

What This Means
We’re surrounded by non-stop streams of new content, so it’s easy to forget that some things “stick” and receive more than just a glance. Pre-arrival emails – delivered right before consuming a large travel purchase – appear to be one of those things. As do emails received while someone is at your resort or hotel.

The next time you brainstorm these campaigns, keep this in mind and imagine what extra value you could convey knowing that the average recipient isn’t just going to glance but reread its contents over and over and over again.

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