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Pre Arrival Email

A pre-arrival message is, just as it sounds, a message that is delivered to a guest within a few days of their arrival. I hope that doesn’t come as too big of a surprise. If it does, take a few deep breaths before continuing.

Fully automated and usually delivered via email, these suckers contain helpful stuff to guests like dining recommendations (or what requires a reservation in advance) and ideas for making the most of their trip. Expect 50-75% open rates on these messages that have been tied directly to an increase in both revenues and satisfaction.

For Example
For example, when we looked at the open and click rates of pre-arrival emails back in 2012 we found that they absolutely crushed traditional sends by 4-5x and in some cases up to 13x.

Pre-arrival emails are a simple, powerful way to increase guest satisfaction by providing helpful, timely information right before they consume your products.

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