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Post Departure Messaging

Post-departure messaging is, not-surprisingly, a message automatically delivered to someone soon after they check out of your hotel or resort. Triggered by reservation data, timing varies a bit based on the results of individual marketers, these campaigns are often sent a few days after a guest leaves to account for travel time.

It’s important to not wait too long, however, as most such messaging contains a request for feedback through a survey and waiting too long could mean memories and insights may not be as accurate as they could have been had they been reached sooner.

For example, when we did an analysis to find the sweet spot for post-departure timing, we found that for most hotels and resorts waiting about 48 hours worked the best.

It was a small sample, but shows that even a split test with your own efforts can quickly tease out the right timing.

Post departures are a powerful, automated ally to have in your marketing toolbelt. Especially when survey responses are automatically fed back into the CRM for the next analysis you run or message you want to trigger based on how they answered.

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