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Online to offline, offline to online? Inntopia Commerce has your guests covered.
Commerce Favorite Things

You know those travelers who have every hack, every trick, and every system figured out? I’m not one of those. I’m an embarrassingly normal consumer. And one of the most frustrating things I face is having questions but still wanting to see everything on the screen in front of me when I book. If I call their number, I know I’m basically starting over. So being, it’s little wonder why my eyes lit up when I first learned about Inntopia Commerce’s offline-to-online functionality after joining the team a few years back.

Offline-to-Online…and Back

Let’s say you’re booking your trip online when you hit a snag. Maybe you’ve got a room in the cart for your family and another one for your parents who are coming a day earlier than you are. You just want to be sure they can get check in with no problem.

Suddenly, you notice this little box below your itinerary.

If you call that number and give the agent this code, just like that, they’d be looking at your exact itinerary as it exists in your web browser!

They’d answer your question, maybe notice some deal and apply it, or help get those tee-times added to your cart. And, just like that, you’re all ready to book.

But wait, there’s more…
Except you wanted to run it all by your wife when she gets back from work, but that won’t be for another hour or two. You start to panic when the agent says:

“Not a problem, I’ll email you a link to this full itinerary and you can book it online as soon as she walks in the door.”

Online to offline and, yes, back again.

Problem? Solved.

Like I said, I love this feature. It elegantly solves a pesky problem for everyone involved and one I’ve personally faced countless times.

It’s one of a long list of cool features within Inntopia Commerce, so it can be easy to overlook when you’re first demoing the system. But, given these reasons and many more, I think it might just be my favorite.

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