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A Call to Everyone in Travel to Step Up and Volunteer Their Skills

You may not realize it, but your experience has probably given you skills that local clinics and first responders could benefit from.

We’d encourage everyone in travel to get out there and offer their skills. Reach out to local clinics or friends in healthcare. Post an offer to help on social media. Text a few friends. I think you’ll be surprised by how many small, simple challenges exist out there that you have skills perfectly suited to solve.

Let me share a simple example of how we’ve seen this first hand over the last 48 hours.

Our CEO, Trevor, had a conversation recently with a friend who works at a local clinic. Among other things, the need for tele-medicine came up because they were suspending all on-site appointments.

A couple calls later our VP of Technical Services, John Spencer, got in touch with the clinic’s executive director. It turns out, their needs were fairly simple. So John jumped in and:

  • Donated a spare GoToMeeting account
  • Got their team setup with access
  • Fired up a test meeting
  • Noticed their video quality wasn’t what it should be
  • Had them run a speed test
  • Identified that the issue was their upload speed
  • Started shopping for options to improve their internet service

It’s not that this team couldn’t have done this on their own, it was that they were extremely busy doing all the other stuff needed to run a clinic.

And not having done some of these things to the point they’re second nature, it may have taken them much, much longer to do what John was able to do in a couple of hours.

Step Up
This story isn’t to toot our own horn – many people are doing more than we are able to – but it was a simple example we hoped could inspire more people to realize just how much they could help support the efforts of those on the front lines.

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