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Trends Q: Is the same group of people opening your resort’s newsletters over and over?

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Look at your email newsletter stats and you’ll quickly notice that each campaign not only has a similar number of recipients, but consistent open and click totals and well. Which makes you wonder, is the exact same group of people opening each newsletter over and over? That’s what we asked. This is what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer, we took season-long email data from eight resorts who consistently send email newsletters. In total, these campaigns had a combined 500,000 opens.

To keep it simple, we compared each campaign only to the campaign that preceeded it. If 10,000 opened a newsletter and 6,000 also opened the previous newsletter, 60% would fall into the “Open Both This And Last Email” while 40% would be in the “Opened Just This Email” group. Here’s how it looked for the resort newsletters we analyzed.


In short, with every newsletter that your resort sends, you can expect that about 57% of the people that open it will have also opened your last newsletter. On the flip side, 43% of openers didn’t and are unique to this message.

What This Means
In other words, while there is a group of subscribers that likely do open every message without fail, a consistent open rate does NOT mean a consistent group of openers. Every campaign reaches new eyes.

If it’s worrying to think that all of your newsletters are only being read by the same group of people, worry no more.

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