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New PMS Integration – CampLife (formerly Sunrise/Campground Automation Systems)
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There’s nothing quite like camping. But unlike camping, managing and selling campsites and campground facilities should not be a back-to-basics situation.

Until now, it’s been pretty tough to integrate campsites into a comprehensive one-cart booking solution. Maybe you manage a ski resort that also has a campground during the summer. Maybe you manage a whole slew of camping facilities on behalf of a state parks organization or something similar. In either case, we’ve got some great news. Our integration with the CampLife system means you can have seamless, two-way communication with Inntopia’s CRS, booking engine, and other components.

The first big use case we’re rolling out for this integration is with West Virginia State Parks. This will alleviate a huge amount of manual work as inventory, rates, and reservations will flow automatically to and from West Virginia State Parks’ sales channels. They can also add many more types of accommodation, and set up the accounts to let guests filter searches by State Park, lot type (whether the site has a hook up, is a shelter, etc.) as well as drill down to a specific area of the park or even a specific site.

“West Virginia is a beautiful state, offering amazing outdoor adventures for every kind of visitor. CampLife is proud to partner with Inntopia and West Virginia State Parks to simplify life for park staff and campers. Seamless online reservations will increase revenue and efficiency for West Virginia parks, and help millions of guests each year make memories for a lifetime.”


— Eric Schnell, Project Manager, CampLife

We can’t wait to see how other organizations out there will be able to revolutionize the way they sell and reserve campgrounds, activities, and other lodging all in one streamlined interface.

In addition, if you’re a wholesaler, reseller, or aggregator using Inntopia Commerce or the Inntopia Commerce Distribution API and are interested in the plethora of campgrounds available on, you now have an easy path to adding CampLife inventory to your pool.

If this news gets your brain moving, let us know and we can set up a demo at your convenience.

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