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New Features
Inntopia Marketing Cloud releases new interactive Pass Migration Report.
Marketing Cloud New Features Ski

For our ski clients, season pass sales have become a huge, critical piece of their business. And as the number of passes has grown over the years to cater to various groups and markets, it’s become harder and harder to monitor the ways guests migrate to, from, and between passes.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud has long had a powerful Pass Migration Report, but we’re excited to announce an all new version with three key features to address these challenges and provide the intelligence resorts need to make key decisions.

1) Interactive

Reporting is about finding answers to questions and pass sales are no exception. Once you find an answer to one question, however, more inevitably follow. That’s why being interactive is so important. The new Pass Migration Report lets you filter by years, pass types, and more so you can keep digging for the insights you need.

2) More Visual

Even more, this new Pass Migration Report is much more visual and helps you quickly grasp the results you’re looking at. The exact numbers are there when you need them, but the interactive interface makes it much simpler to wrap your head around trends and migration patterns between pass types and season.

3) Focus on One

One of the most important features, however, is the ability to focus on one pass at a time. With one click, you can change the entire chart to show migration patterns around a single pass type. This is how you’re asking questions, and the new Pass Migration Report is now better designed to provide those answers.

Live Now!

If you’re a current Marketing Cloud user, this feature is live now in your account. You can find it under Intelligence → Pass Migration within Insight.

And if you aren’t yet using Marketing Cloud, there’s no time like the present to make the switch. We have the cleanest data, the best technology, and the most ridiculously talented support team you’ll find anywhere. and let’s talk.

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