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New Features
Get to know the new Inntopia Ecommerce design.
Commerce New Features

As some of you may know, we’ve begun rolling out a new theme for the design of Inntopia’s ecommerce storefronts. This is opt-in – we won’t update your design unless you’d like us to – but we’re seeing some great results as the first A/B tests wrap up.

More updates are coming soon, but we wanted to take a quick second to walk you through some of the changes.

Horizontal Layout

The first, and most obvious change is a horizontal product layout instead of the three-column grid layout. The grid layout works well, but this gives us plenty of room to add other things like amenity icons and description text. It also gives us the chance to bump up the size of your photos a bit.

Product Type Icons

Next, we added a simple bit of visual support for the product types available through your Inntopia Commerce account. These icons are mapped to every product type available within Commerce, but you can also edit them with a little bit of custom CSS if you’d prefer a different icon for a specific product.

We’re also showing the product list by default when the page loads. Reinforcing to visitors how many different types of products they can dynamically add to their itinerary.

Simplified Nav

At the top of the search results we’ve combined the search result count, filtering options, and cart toggle button to a single line that sits neatly at the top of the list of results.

Many More

We’ve also added some light drop shadows on a light gray background to add a bit of visual hierarchy to the page as well as lots of other small touches that help things look cleaner and more modern.

And, again, more improvements are coming soon.

If you’d like to try the new design, reach out to your account manager and they’ll help get you started!

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