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Q: How many resort emails are being opened on mobile devices vs desktop?

Last week we looked at one piece of the responsive email question – email width – and this week we’re tackling the other piece – device width. Resort emails are being opened on mobile devices more and more, but how much more? That was our question, here is our answer.

The Goods
To find our answer we looked at over 300,000 resort email opens from the last few months. Results are broken down by three device types: desktop (i.e., Outlook), webmail (i.e., Gmail), and mobile (i.e., iPhone). Here’s how many of those opens occurred on each device type.

Mobile Opens

From our sample an almost identical volume of opens happened on mobile and webmail. Desktop came in well behind with 25%. Bottom line, a little over a third of all resort email opens are taking place on mobile devices.

What This Means
These percentages closely match what we see in other industries and are a clear reminder that email templates need to be designed with device widths in mind.

As we stated last week, however, responsive email templates are not the only solution and, for more resort marketers and teams, not the best solution either. Resorts need to do something, but they also need to be realistic about their abilities and the limitations and challenges of responsive email code.

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