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Cloud Express
One-click access to guest profiles directly from your CRS, PMS, and more.
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Inntopia Marketing Cloud has some of the most powerful, accurate guest profiles in hospitality. Between our integrations list and industry-leading data-cleansing process, this is a benefit that comes up again and again with our clients.

The trick, however, is that it’s not just your marketing team who could benefit from this data. Call center agents, front desk agents, and other staff who engage directly with guests could gain a huge advantage by better understanding who they are talking to and what they might need.

And now they can.

Introducing Cloud Express

In a sentence, Cloud Express is an integration with your CRS or PMS that gives the user one-click access to a streamlined guest profile and guest history as it exists in Marketing Cloud.

So let’s say that a call center agent gets a call from a guest and is looking for a bit more info about their past visits or history. They can click the Cloud Express link in the CRS and instantly see guest traits and behaviors like:

  • Lifetime value and spend
  • If they’re loyal or lapsed
  • Their RFM score
  • Any preferences or requests
  • If it’s their birthday

Whether it’s your call center, front desk, or other staff, Cloud Express gives your team one-click access to key guest data the moment they need it.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud has some of the most powerful, accurate guest profiles in hospitality. What if you could share them with more than just your marketing team? Give your front desk and call center staff the information they need to provide better guest service, sell upgrades, and avoid issues, all just one click away from Agentopia or your PMS.

One-Click Access

Access complete CRM profiles in one-click from your CRS or PMS.

Key Behaviors & Data

Quick, at-a-glance view of loyalty, transaction history, and key events.

Front Desk & Call Center

Give your front desk and call center agents valuable guest data the moment they need it.

Accurate & Clean

Marketing Cloud's powerful cleansing and deduping technology leads creates incredibly accurate guest profiles.

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