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Tips Part of a multi-resort or multi-hotel group? You need Inntopia Marketing Cloud ASAP.

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We’ve made a name for ourselves with our ability to neatly and accurately centralize data from multiple systems.

What some resorts and hotels don’t realize, however, is that this ability isn’t limited to a single resort. Inntopia Marketing Cloud has always been a top choice by multi-resort operators and groups because of our ability to aggregate and organize data across multiple properties or brands. And over the last few years we’ve been expanding these abilities to give multi-property marketers and operators some incredibly powerful tools.


Again, it all starts will our ability to bring in data from as many systems as you have, even if they’re not in the same location. While we integrate with dozens of PMS, POS, and data providers, we are also constantly building new integrations. Our ability to combine guest data from multiple systems is second-to-none.

Comprehensive Guest Profiles

No matter how many systems you have, however, your teams have a clean, comprehensive, householded view of each guest that tracks their behavior across properties and brands.

Multi-Tier Data Partitioning

As the we aggregate transactions and guest behavior, we are able to partition this data on multiple levels. So, for example, you could partition guest data by three levels:

  • Corporate
  • Brand
  • Property

Or if you don’t have groups of brands, you could partition by region or destination. This keeps your organization’s data unified for crossover marketing, customer journey tracking, and reporting, but also separate for individual brand or property initiatives and campaigns.

Multi-Tier User Partitioning

This partitioning isn’t just in the way we store the data, it’s also in the way you give your corporate, brand, region, or property-level teams access to that data.

For example, if you are from an individual property, building a query in Inntopia Marketing Cloud will automatically only query that property-level partitioned data. If a corporate-level user builds a query, they’ll be querying everything. Every person in every team gets access to the data they’re responsible for and nothing else.

Detailed User-Level Control

But even more than just those tiers, you can give each user access to individual features or tools within each of your teams. For example:

  • Give your front desk access to customer lookup but not list export or querying
  • Give your brand agency partners access to list exports but not customer details or reports
  • Give your corporate branding team access to reports but not guest profiles

Every user gets a unique, custom combination of access to a specific tier AND specific features within that tier.

Partitioned KPIs

We also partition attitudinal data and KPIs. A perfect example is Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our data partitioning allows you to measure NPS on individual property, brand, and corporate levels to pinpoint top performers and understand the nuance behind each KPI.

Sync to Multiple Channels

Then when the time comes to get your guest data into your marketing channels to make every campaign smarter and more effective, you can easily push and sync audiences to multiple channels. So if you want to give each property their own Facebook Ad account or hotel email marketing account? That’s no problem. Likewise, if you want to use central marketing accounts for the group, we can also help partition data there for crossover or individual marketing.

In-House Experts

Your challenges are unique and we get that. So over the years we’ve hired account managers and developers who come from multi-resort groups to guide strategy, implementation, and analysis with your team starting on day one. Our personal, proactive approach means we’re constantly meeting with your team and rolling up our sleeves to get the work done.

ISO 27001 Compliance

Larger groups of resorts or hotels are prime targets for hackers, so we’ve taken our data security to levels no other hospitality marketing platform has: ISO 27001 compliance AND PCI compliance. The important thing about ISO 27001 is that, unlike some security accreditation, itโ€™s not just about the tech. This is about the way Inntopia, our employees and infrastructure, are operating safely and securely as well. It becomes a re-assurance, backed by a verified third-party audit, that “Weโ€™ve got your back.”

Want a closer look at Inntopia Marketing Cloud’s multi-property features? Just reach out. We’d love to show you around.

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