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Tips Build loyalty without the overhead of a full program? Try a Loyalty Recognition campaign.

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This is a short excerpt from our new book; The Ultimate Guide to Resort Marketing Automation. The book is free, just click here to download.

Loyalty programs may be waning, but recognizing organic loyalty is on the rise. These campaigns give guests a virtual high five when they reach certain milestones like the number of visits in a year, number of years in a row with a booking, etc.

Want to level up?

Include actual rewards like swag or resort credits for high-value behavior.

  • What: Virtual kudos for reaching some milestone of loyalty
  • When: Whenever certain numbers of visits or behaviors are reached
  • Who: All guests

Pro Tips

Perfect for Multi-Step Emails

“Build triggers around how many days they’ve come to celebrate milestones like 5 visits, 10 visits, or ‘paying off’ their season pass. This is all it takes to encourage more trips to the resort.” Kristin Connors, Inntopia Account Manager Since 2017

Great Alternative

“If you’re frustrated by your loyalty program, this is a great alternative. These accomplish much of the same purpose without the forced nature and overhead of traditional programs.” Sophie Sunderland, Inntopia Account Manager Since 2018

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