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Introducing the new Inntopia Commerce Reseller Portal

Inntopia Commerce works, in large part, by being really good at connecting the people who supply travel products with the people who resell them.

As the supplier side of that equation has grown, the value of this supply to tour operators and travel agents has also grown. It’s a win-win for all involved. Suppliers have more people promoting their products and tour operators and travel agents have access to incredible products that help them grow their business.

These groups have needed a better way to book suppliers’ products online, and now they have it.

Introducing the Reseller Portal

While this tool includes a number of features, at the core is the ability for agents to create, manage, and search through their guests from a simple, secure log in.

portal screenshot

Once a guest is selected, they can attach itineraries to those guests in just a few clicks. For example, an agent who is working with someone for the first time could create a new guest and attach that guest to their new itinerary.

Or if they’re working with a past guest, they could also quickly find and attach an itinerary to a customer who was already in the system.


Having a central place for these operators and agents to manage guests and itineraries will be a huge time saver for both the supplier and reseller.

For more information just contact your account manager or Inntopia Partner Services. If you’re new to Inntopia, click here to request a demo of the portal and get a better understanding of how it fits into the larger Inntopia system and network.

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