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Inntopia Business Intelligence
Forward-looking analytics for your entire destination.

Destinations are complex. Demand fluctuates with everything from seasons and school breaks to events and weather. Yes, there are hotels, but there are many more beds in condo and home rentals.

And data isn’t automatically useful just because it exists. Luckily, Inntopia Business Intelligence picks up where hotel data leaves off.

Performance Data for Every Property Type

First, we gather data from every property type in your destination – not just hotels. This gives you an incredibly complete and accurate view of performance on both the property and destination level.

(Including the industry’s best reports on the rent-by-owner properties in your destination: RBOMetrics →)

Powerful, Forward-Looking Visualizations

We then break this data down into powerful, forward-looking visualizations around rate, pacing, and performance. Plus, our benchmarking tools allow you to compare those metrics against other destinations and properties.

Not Just Pretty Charts – Expert Assistance

We don’t just hand you a bunch of charts and wish you good luck. Our expert analysts work with you every step of the way to interpret the data and identify opportunities to maximize occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR.

Monitor Everything That Impacts Occupancy

Travel is influenced by much more than just competition; so, we integrate dozens of other data sets such as school breaks, economic indicators, local events, national holidays, and emerging travel trends to create a dynamic, 360° view of your performance.

Reports for DMOs and Property/Revenue Managers

In addition to game-changing data and visualizations for destinations, we also offer customized, property-specific reports to any property manager that submits data. These reports can compare your property to a competitive set, analyze where your customers come from, and more.

Want a closer look? Just request a no-pressure demo. We'd love to show you around.

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