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Inntopia Business Intelligence
Accurate, forward-looking destination performance monitoring.

Inntopia DestiMetrics Accurate, forward-looking destination performance monitoring.

Give your destination and properties the data they need to make informed decisions around marketing, rate, and staffing.

“The DestiMetrics program and forecasting tools can take the professionally onsite managed Property Management sector to the next level by quantifying what our segment represents in the entire travel industry.”


Industry-Leading Data Quality

Every data point is rigorously captured, analyzed, and processed so you can confidently base your biggest decisions on our numbers.

Forward-Looking, Forward-Thinking

Monitor how you’re performing for the next six months versus other destinations and the economy with unmatched accuracy.

Fully-Supported Data Analysis

We don’t just hand your some charts and say “good luck.” Our experts help you decode trends both one-on-one and through regular destination and industry-wide briefings and webinars.


years of team experience in travel industry operations and research


number of room nights our monthly reports cover


property representation in our destinations

Destination Travel’s Most Trusted, Cited Experts

Destination travel requires deep experience to accurately report data and trends. We’ve made this market our singular focus for more than 15 years.

Monitor the Metrics That Matter

  Reservation Activity Outlook

  Daily Occupancy Report

  Multi-Destination Comparative

  Multiple Property Comparative

  Property vs Destination

  Property vs Competitive Set

  Guest Visitation Profiler

  Travel Economic Indicators

See Inntopia DestiMetrics in action.

Schedule a 15- or 30-minute tour to see the nuts and bolts and ask questions.

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"The platform is really important for me because from an analytical side, I like to look at what the market is doing, what the industry is that we have the right product at the right time for the right person to buy."

Ryan Kelsey
Antlers at Vail Hotel

"Six months looking forward has been a key component for the community, to be able to start thinking about looking down the road instead of just reacting to the past."

Scott Fortner
Visit Sun Valley

"One of the great things about [DestiMetrics] is not only the ability to look back, but also giving us the ability to look forward...layering that on top of our pacing we’re able to make better decisions for our individual properties and individual communities."

Chris Romer
Vail Valley Partnership

"Getting data from both reports has turned the corner for us by giving us more information of the whole picture, so we know how we’re doing from month-to-month and year-to-year."

Jack Reed
Hilton Head CVB
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