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Insight Online: A Virtual, Free Conference for the Resort Industry

We can’t hold our annual user group due to COVID-19, so we’ve taken our favorite sessions and organized a three week virtual conference that’s free to everyone.

Every Tue/Wed/Thu

Sessions will be held every T/W/Th from May 12 - 28.

2:00pm EDT

Every session will start right at 2pm EDT and last 50-60 minutes.

Everyone is Invited

Everyone is invited, whether you’re an Inntopia user or not.

100% Free

There is no cost to join, come alone or bring your team.

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Tue, May 12 @ 2pm EDT

Where Are We and Where Are We Going? A multi-discipline look at destination travel in the age of Covid-19.

Everything about destination travel -whether the destination is a faraway beach, a local ski hill, or the neighborhood park - has changed in the past eight weeks. And while much of what we’re seeing in the industry is the same, much of what’s happening under the hood is different, as are the solutions. Whether you’re a national association, an independent resort owner, or a marketer at a globally-recognized brand, there’s something unique going on in your sphere. This session brings together industry leaders from across the mountain travel industry to take a look at the W5 (who, what, when, where, and why) of the impact of Covid-19 on destination travel, and add in some thoughts on the “how” to recovery.

Tom Foley
SVP Analytics, Inntopia
Kelly Pawlak
President, NSAA
Chris Romer
President & CEO, Vail Valley Partnership
Kevin May
Editor in Chief, PhocusWire
Tyler Fairbank
CEO, The Fairbank Group
Wed, May 13 @ 2pm EDT

Future Inntopia eCommerce: Better Conversion & Higher Cart Value

Guided by two big goals - increased cart size and increased conversion - our ecommerce platform is evolving rapidly to take full advantage of the one-cart booking functionality that Inntopia Commerce is known for. Get up to speed on all the changes, where we are today, but also where we're going and the roadmap ahead and get to know the team behind the scenes.

Brian Elliott
Director of Digital, Inntopia
Nick Haggerty
Strategic Account Manager, Inntopia
Greg Bowen
Digital Specialist, Inntopia
Thu, May 14 @ 2pm EDT

Top Data Driven Gameplans to Drive Key Guest Behavior

Creating custom personas has become increasingly common in today's data rich marketing environment. However, personas without a well-thought game plan behind them can often lead to less than ideal results. By categorizing guests who share behaviors and characteristics we can create a more streamlined, strategic approach to our marketing efforts. In this session, we'll look at some of the different personas, the data points behind the personas, and tactics marketers can employ to target these guests.

Kurt Kinscherf
Director of Client Insights, Inntopia
Lindsay Haller
Director of Account Services, Inntopia
Patrick Sande
Director of Strategic Services, Inntopia
Katie Barnes
Strategic Account Manager, Inntopia
Rebekah Stoner
Strategic Account Manager, Inntopia
Sophie Sunderland
Strategic Account Manager, Inntopia
Kendall Wilson
Strategic Account Manager, Inntopia
Tue, May 19 @ 2pm EDT

Inntopia Family Kitchen Table Conversation: Season Passes and Capacity Restrictions in the Time of Covid

As resorts slowly begin to open across the country, one thing is clear - capacity will likely be reduced for the foreseeable future. Join Gregg, Kurt and a cast of industry friends to discuss what this will mean for our industry's near-term future and what impacts it may have on season pass, ticket products, pricing strategy and the underlying tech that will be required to support a shifting business model.

Kurt Kinscherf
Director of Client Insights, Inntopia
Gregg Blanchard
VP Marketing, Inntopia + SlopeFillers
Wed, May 20 @ 2pm EDT

Expanding your Commerce Universe - Break the Mold

When it comes to growing revenue, you can either bring in more guests or increase the value of each one. While most efforts focus on selling more rooms and tickets, in this session we'll talk about the incredible, underestimated potential of everything else and provide real examples of what resorts are selling (and how they're selling it) to increase revenue independent of occupancy or ticket sales.

Ben Kinsley
Frontline Services Manager, Inntopia
Kevin Duff
Manager of Product Specialists, Inntopia,
Nick Haggerty
Strategic Account Manager, Inntopia
Chris Eaton
Strategic Account Manager, Inntopia
Thu, May 21 @ 2pm EDT

Live Email Template Optimization and Review

Back by popular demand, this session will feature live, collaborative reviews of attendee-submitted email templates by the Inntopia Digital team. We'll review coding best practices, template design strategy, copywriting, and share lots of tips and tricks to reach the inbox and get big results once you're there. Want expert advice and recommendations on your email strategy? Submit a template here to be included in this session.

Kristin Connors
Email Marketing Manager, Inntopia
Devin Jensen
Email & Account Manager, Inntopia
Tue, May 26 @ 2pm EDT

How to Write a Blog Post in 15 Minutes

Writing a blog post or story can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Instead of staring at a blank page and wondering how to start, Gregg Blanchard - who has written more than 2,000 posts across SlopeFillers and the Inntopia blog - will share a simple formula you can use to quickly turn any topic into a clean, easy-to-read article (even if writing isn't your thing).

Gregg Blanchard
VP Marketing, Inntopia + SlopeFillers
Wed, May 27 @ 2pm EDT

Protecting Your Revenue: The Future of Security and Payment Options

Revenue is the lifeblood of your business, so how do you protect it? Whether it's moving beyond the CVV or going big on data security, we'll discuss a number of risk factors and things we are doing as a company - as well as things you can do as a resort - to protect, and maybe even grow, your revenue and decrease risk.

Lisa Prive
Commerce Product Manager, Inntopia
Kim Leslie
Business Development Manager , Inntopia
Njama Braasch
Director, Security & Compliance, Inntopia
Nick Haggerty
Strategic Account Manager, Inntopia
Thu, May 28 @ 2pm EDT

State of Resort Digital Marketing Roundtable

Join our Digital Services team to learn about the latest digital marketing trends, market research and more. We'll review our annual email performance reports - compiled from hundreds of millions of emails sent during 2019/2020 ski season - to reveal what works and what doesn't, and gain insight into how top brands are using analytics to drive results.

Brian Elliott
Director of Digital, Inntopia
Kristin Connors
Email Marketing Manager, Inntopia
Devin Jensen
Email & Account Manager, Inntopia
Greg Bowen
Digital Specialist, Inntopia
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