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How to choose between Inntopia Commerce and SMS WorldNXT / GuestDesk.
Commerce Tips

One of the common alternatives we hear clients thinking about when they’re evaluating Inntopia Commerce is SMS’s WorldNXT booking engine. WorldNXT, which is a white-label version of Fuel Travel’s GuestDesk system, is a great platform and the SMS team are good friends of ours. WorldNXT works great for many users, but it does differ in some ways which Inntopia Commerce users rely on. Here are a few of the most common that may help you decide which one is right for your property.

Two-Way, Multi-Product

The first, and biggest, is that Inntopia Commerce isn’t just for lodging or static packages. Inntopia Commerce syncs in real-time with both your PMS and POS (or other systems where products live) to dynamically bundle and fulfill products.

Easy Third-Party

Inntopia Commerce also features the ability to connect to and sell products from other systems alongside your own. For example, if you have a lodging or activity partner, someone booking their vacation through your Inntopia Commerce e-commerce engine (or over the phone with the help of a call center agent) could add both your lodging and that partner’s activities to their cart.

Separate Domain / Analytics

At first glance the idea of dropping a booking engine right into your existing website layout makes sense, but it’s easy to have issues and conflicts between their website analytics and booking analytics. We use a separate domain to make sure you can track your revenue and booking performance cleanly and accurately.

Web-to-Phone Syncing

If a guest ever gets stuck during the booking process, Inntopia Commerce includes the ability for that guest to provide your call center a booking ID so the agent can pull up their itinerary exactly as it exists in their browser. They can even make changes and send a link back to the guest so they can book their updated itinerary online.

Easy to Customize / Extend

Finally, Inntopia Commerce’s ecommerce engine is easy to customize with CSS and/or javascript. Or, with our API library, you can build and integrate our functionality anywhere you need it whether that’s on the web, a mobile app, or that big idea your team is working on.

Learn More

There are many other differences between WorldNXT and Inntopia Commerce, but these five are the most common folks like yourself are typically looking for.

If you’d like to walk through more of them one-on-one and ask any specific questions you have about these systems, request a short demo.

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