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Introducing the Inntopia Training Center

Are you retraining for reopening? We can help.

Over the years, Inntopia staff has created a plethora of informational content in a variety of mediums: online learning videos, online documentation, blogs, tips, and webinars. However, each type of content lived in a different place making it a challenge to disseminate this useful information to its intended audience.

Our solution to this problem? The Inntopia Training Center. This tool was designed to guide you to the right information based on your specific needs.

Browse General Training Resources

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re trying to find. We’ve organized the content so that you can browse everything we offer: eLearning courses, blogs, tips and tricks, webinars, and Inntopia Help online documentation.

Our Blogs and Tips Libraries are sorted by category so you can easily look through the content to find what you need. This opens a treasure trove of information curated by our subject matter experts to help make your job easier and more efficient.

Browse Specifically for YOUR Job Role

With so much content available, it’s sometimes difficult to know what information applies to you. We’ve organized helpful resources based on job role, so you can focus on what will support your specific job responsibilities and functions. Currently, we’ve created learning recommendations for Call Center Agents, Lodging and Activity Suppliers, and Marketing Department staff.

As we add more content to the Training Center, we will create more learning paths. We hope that this resource helps you train new staff as they onboard and helps you fine tune your operation with additional tips and tricks.

To access the Training Center, visit Inntopia Help.

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