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Inntopia Partners with BookingPal to Give Clients Easy Distribution on OTAs

Inntopia is pleased to launch a partnership with BookingPal, giving Inntopia users access to exclusive channels and features that support managing inventory from large Online Travel Alliances (OTAs) including HomeAway and AirBnB.

BookingPal is a cloud-based travel technology company providing the vacation-rental and holiday-letting industries with a global distribution platform that features real-time connectivity between the leading property management software systems and top consumer travel websites throughout the world.

“Having access to so many distribution channels in one easy integration is a huge benefit for our clients,” said Inntopia CEO Trevor Crist. “Together, Inntopia Commerce and BookingPal represent a best-case scenario for taking control of your bookings, reservations, and guest data, while still making inventory available on all the OTAs and other traditional channels.”

The access to listings for hotels, resorts, and key-level residence units provided by the integration with Homeaway, for example, allows Inntopia partners to compete using the 17 brands owned by Homeaway internationally.

Inntopia partners can also use BookingPal to create new AirBnB accounts, or to connect to existing accounts. The integration allows for a seamless connection to manage inventory for resorts, hotels, and condos on AirBnB.

BookingPal also supports integrations with booking channels such as,, Google Travel, Agoda, Ctrip, and many others to support existing marketing strategies, easier residence, hotel, and resort inventory management, and increasing the bottom line.

The commission-based relationship with Google Travel is another one-of-a-kind attractive BookingPal feature. Along with MyOptimize for OTA content, various flexible payment solutions eliminate no shows, simplify invoicing, support Expedia’s automated pay-on-arrival process, and allow owners to work on a net-rate pricing model.

Click here for more information on how BookingPal’s Products and Services can benefit Inntopia users.

About BookingPal

BookingPal is an innovative cloud-based software platform for vacation rental property managers. Distribution is managed to increase revenue, occupancy and efficiency through specifically designed services. BookingPal has a smooth continuous connection between your PMS and various channels. Advanced new features to increase your revenue include: Content and Optimization Management, Revenue Management, Channel Management, and Payment Management and Inquiry Management.

About Inntopia

Inntopia connects the software systems that manage lodging, skiing, golf, and other functions into one-stop shopping, automated marketing, and powerful business intelligence. Built to solve the complex challenges of destination resorts, Inntopia’s software and expert consulting are used to improve the bottom line in every corner of the travel industry.

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