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News Inntopia Marketing Cloud launches integration with SkiLynx for mobile app targeting using guest data.

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 Mar 6, 2023

Inntopia is extremely excited to launch a new integration with ski resort mobile app developer Wearlynx and their SkiLynx Platform for Resorts. This integration allows resorts apps using Wearlynx’s SkiLynx Platform to leverage guest data from their Inntopia Marketing Cloud database to target the push notifications they send guests directly through the resort app. Inntopia Director of Customer Insights, Kurt Kinscherf, had this to say:

“We talk a lot about how Inntopia Marketing Cloud is designed not just to centralize guest data from all your systems, but to also get those guest profiles into all of your marketing channels. With many of our clients using the SkiLynx Platform, seeing guest data now being used to target push notifications is really exciting.”

Co-founded by two veterans of the gaming industry, Sarah Stocker and Mark Danks, SkiLynx, known to some by the parent company name Wearlynx, powers the mobile technology behind more than 70 resorts either through the resort’s official app or through the SkiLynx Platform’s  software development kit (SDK) that powers the tracking, stats, gamification, and even parking for ski resorts in many popular apps including the IKON Pass app. 

This integration brings together the leader in resort marketing databases and resort mobile apps to create some really exciting opportunities for resorts looking to make the most of mobile apps and push notifications. When discussing the new integration, Sarah pointed to how this aligns to Wearlynx’s goals when first building their SkiLynx Platform 8 years ago.

“We built the SkiLynx Platform with the focus on the guest experience and making resort apps as fun as they are useful. So seeing the Inntopia team leverage the app that’s in people’s hand to help resorts bring their guests personalized information is really exciting for us.”

For more information about using guest data to target push notifications through their mobile app, resorts can contact Inntopia directly. More information on Wearlynx and the SkiLynx Platform can be found on their website.

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