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Inntopia Launches New Responsive Commerce Design

As part of Inntopia’s continuing effort to provide users with the best online reservation experience, the company introduced a new Responsive Commerce design, enabling its clients to better sell travel products on any device. Benefits include integrated mapping; high resolution images; fast sorting and filtering; easy customization with Bootstrap and jQuery; integration with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

For travel suppliers selling activities, lodging, lift tickets, tee times, transportation and more, they can take advantage of some new of the new features such as:

  • Assigning age categories and duration (# of days) to products, so users can filter using that criteria
  • Configuring optional age validation feature to validate ages of participants
  • Optimizing shopping experience and checkout path for higher conversion rates

“As customers view websites from all different screen sizes and on multiple devices, our responsive design adapts, and provides a layout that looks great on any screen size,” said Inntopia Founder & CEO Trevor Crist. “So your content remains the same but with optimal viewing—whether on phone, tablet, or desktops.”

A recent study conducted by Forrester Research projects sales from consumer shopping on mobile devices will reach $114 billion in 2014. And PhoCusWright’s most recent U.S. Consumer Travel Report sites that at least 67% of U.S. travelers now use interactive maps that display lodging and attractions for all or a portion of their travel shopping.

To take advantage of Inntopia’s new Responsive Commerce or for more information, contact the Inntopia Support Team at 1-877-740-4143 or

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