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Inntopia and SiteMinder Partner to Offer Channel Management Interface

Inntopia and SiteMinder have partnered to offer channel management capability that connects accommodation providers — hotels, condominiums, vacation rental managers, and more — to major on-line booking channels such as, Expedia, and others. Accommodation providers manage their inventory in Inntopia while simultaneously taking advantage of the vast consumer base of major on-line booking channels to increase distribution.

Rates and availability are managed in Inntopia and are pushed to the on-line booking channel via the SiteMinder Room Distribution Exchange (RDX) at regular intervals. Inntopia then pulls any reservations made through the booking channel from the SiteMinder RDX and sends its updated inventory back to the booking channel via the SiteMinder RDX.

Trevor Crist, CEO and President of Inntopia said, “The Channel Manager greatly increases accommodation providers’ distribution opportunities. We are excited to offer our current providers the chance to take advantage of the large number of travelers making reservations on major on-line booking channels and hope that those not yet using Inntopia will also want to take advantage of this opportunity to greatly increase their on-line booking revenue.”

“Inntopia has created a best-in-class reservations platform for the destination ski and resort industries, so when they selected SiteMinder as their technology partner for seamless, on-line booking channel integration, we were absolutely thrilled with the opportunity.  Destination ski resorts trade in hyper-competitive markets. Through our partnership, Inntopia clients now have a distinct competitive advantage to drive more on-line business from both direct and indirect channels seamlessly within the Inntopia platform,” added Erik Munoz, Executive Director Strategic Sales and Global Partnerships for SiteMinder.

About SiteMinder

SiteMinder is a multi-award winning online distribution company whose products are trusted and used by accommodation providers in over 105 countries worldwide to help increase online revenue, streamline business processes and drive down the cost of acquisition. The cloud-based product suite continues to set the benchmark in online distribution technology by challenging conventional operating strategies. SiteMinder’s head office is located in Sydney, Australia, with regional offices in London, Dallas, Cape Town, and Bangkok. There are currently over 9,000 properties in more than 105 countries worldwide using SiteMinder technology.

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