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Inntopia and PAR Springer-Miller Announce Distribution Interface

Inntopia is pleased to announce the release of a two-way distribution interface with PAR Springer-Miller System’s SMS|Host.

Inntopia, the leading advanced reservation platform for the destination travel industry, announces the development of a two-way distribution interface with PAR Springer-Miller Systems. This interface has been officially certified by PAR Springer-Miller Systems and will benefit existing and new users of both Inntopia and PAR Springer-Miller Systems.

CEO and President of Inntopia, Trevor Crist, says, “We are pleased to offer our partners a certified interface with PAR Springer-Miller Systems and are confident the specific capabilities of this particular interface will make it appealing to many of our existing mutual partners as well as create a significant jump in the number of new mutual partners for both companies as a direct result.”

The interface pulls rates and availability from a property’s SMS|Host Hospitality Management System to Inntopia.CRS, in real time. Inntopia users are able to book, modify, and cancel reservations through the interface. The integration eliminates discrepancies in data between the two systems that can lead to inaccurate information, poor customer response times, and missed opportunities.

“Our customers look to us to be leaders in integrating their mission critical applications” commented Victor Vesnaver, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for PAR Springer-Miller. “We are excited to work more closely with Inntopia to provide solutions that automate and streamline operations for our clients.”

For more information, contact Jim Lilly:

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