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News Six innovations we’ve added to our new Abandoned Cart functionality.

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 Nov 1, 2022

I often hear people talk about the integration between Inntopia Marketing Cloud and Inntopia Commerce as a one-and-done sort of project.

The reality is the opposite. Data and functionality has flowed between these systems since they came under the same roof back in 2016, but the way we use that data, the way those systems interact, the campaigns we build on these interactions are where innovation continues to occur.

Abandoned Cart is a perfect example of that. Here are six ways we’ve taken this feature above and beyond virtually anything in our industry.

One-Click Return-to-Cart URL

Abandoned cart is one thing when all they left behind was a date range, it’s another when they’ve added date-specific activities, transportation, lodging, and more in their itinerary. With a single URL, you can send your potential guests back to their cart just as they left it.

Dynamic Content Based on Cart

Run a seasonal resort? Customize the language, imagery, and call-to-action based on the dates each potential guest was searching for or other information about their cart or shopping behavior to perfectly align the message to their goals.

Agent-Specific Abandoned Cart

Automated abandoned-cart messages aren’t just for web bookings, they’re for your call center too. And because our integration between Inntopia Commerce and Inntopia Marketing Cloud passes the name of the agent each guest spoke with, you can customize these campaigns with the signatures or photos of that agent.

Product-Specific Abandoned Cart

Remember, Inntopia Commerce can sell all your products, not just lodging. So you can version your abandoned cart emails by guests who were shopping for just activities, lodging and activities, just lodging, and more to ensure your message is relevant to exactly what they were shopping for.

Fully Customizable

Like all of our automations, you can use any template you want for these campaigns so each email perfectly matches your broader brand as well as the other messages, campaigns, and imagery they receive from your team.

Seamless Online-to-Call Center Flow

Some of our clients have found that routing abandoned carts to their call center can be more effective than sending them back to the booking engine. In this case, you can include the guest’s itinerary number so the agent they speak with can see exactly what was in their cart before they abandoned.

The Results

With these enhancements, we’re seeing some campaigns jump out of the traditional 5-15% conversion rate zone to as high as 25%. And these campaigns are typically generating anywhere for $20 to $100 in revenue for each email that is delivered.

Want a closer look at our abandoned cart functionality? Get in touch, we’d love to show you around.

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